Agriculture stands at a complex crossroads, being both a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and a victim of climate change impacts. Consequently, plant science solutions are not merely relevant; they are central to addressing this multifaceted challenge. Yet, the global community lacks a cohesive strategy to tackle this pressing issue effectively.

In response to this critical gap, several esteemed members of the scientific community have collaborated to establish the PlantACT! initiative. This groundbreaking effort aims to unite leading plant experts to formulate realistic, actionable solutions and recommendations. We acknowledge the enormity of the challenge at hand and recognize that the field of plant science alone may not suffice to navigate such complexities. However, it is imperative to initiate action, and leveraging our expertise in plant biology provides a foundational starting point. Our goal is to generate innovative ideas and solutions, which can subsequently be refined and validated through interdisciplinary collaboration.

To solidify and expand upon the strategic plan recently developed and published by PlantACT!, we are excited to announce the inaugural PlantACT! conference. This event is scheduled for 10-13 March 2023 in Düsseldorf and promises to be a pivotal gathering for forward-thinking discourse and collaboration.

Join us in this vital endeavor as we strive to shape a sustainable future through the lens of plant science. Your contribution could be pivotal in steering our collective efforts towards impactful and enduring solutions to the climate crisis.

Event program:

Session 1: Resilience and Food Security: Plant growth and development in the context of climate change
Session 2: Resilience and Food Security: Plant Adaptation and Resilience Strategies in Response to Fluctuating Climates
Session 3: Soil-Plant Health: Impacts of Climate Change on Plant Physiology, Growth, and Development
Session 4 : Nitrogen Use Efficiency: Enhancing Plant Nitrogen Use and Avoiding Nitrogenous Emissions
Session 5: Carbon Sequestration: Mitigating Climate Change

Poster Sessions, Panel Discussions, and Workshops


Building 22.01, lecture hall 2A (11-13 March 2024)

(Coffee breaks at our Roy Lichtenstein Murals, foyer in front of 2A, picture by Dieter Joswig)

How to reach Düsseldorf, about Düsseldorf and Heinrich-Heine-University

Details will be annouced shortly.